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The Wellselves Foundation

Claire Weightman


Clinical, Organisational and Community Psychologist
Founder and Executive Director

Claire (Chláir) Weightman is a Melbourne-based Australian-Irish Psychologist who has studied and practiced in the field of psychology for over 36 years. Claire is Wellselves’ Founder and Executive Director and continues to work as a consultant professional supervisor and PsyBA-registered senior professional psychologist. Claire is also a government health and employment policy advisor, an experienced community service program developer, a former director of organisational and corporate people management services and human services administrative systems advisor.

AHPRA-endorsed as a Clinical, Organisational and Community Psychologist, Claire has to date, assisted over 23,000 individual clients, while working as a full-time or part-time clinical practice practitioner for more than three decades. An active member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) since 1994, Claire retains appropriate current professional skills and full membership of its Clinical, Organisational and Community Colleges.

Claire has had a wide-ranging past professional career, holding profile psychology practice, business, research, treatment, managerial, profession-representative, supervisory, government advisory and Commonwealth Government Directorial level positions. These have involved undertaking senior professional roles and successfully running long-term psychology practices and small businesses. Claire has undertaken managerial level roles in large and small corporations, hospitals, education, welfare, business, employment and workplace relations-focussed Commonwealth and state departmental settings, welfare and community health agencies, tertiary institutions and private medical practices.

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