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Relationship Support Services

Support for Workplace Relationships

Amidst all the beautiful diversity we now have out there both socially and in our workplaces, we sometimes needs a bit of extra help at times to work together effectively. Even workplaces that have functioned well in the past can find that cooperation and communication has suddenly gone awry, or that unexpected events or crises have left an enduring impact.

Further, stress experienced in workplaces can go on to cause internal distress or friction in any or all other parts of our private lives. Whether as employers, employees or colleagues, we can all personally benefit from improving our skills and understanding of our workplace relationships.

Wellselves offers a range of psychological assessments, skills and strategies tailored specifically to assist work groups achieve better functioning and more cohesive relationships. A key aim is to improve understanding between all participants concerning different cross-relationship dynamics in daily play in their work relationships.

Using facilitation, coaching, team strength and diversity analysis and debriefing skills, groups sessions can provide opportunities for identifying existing team successes, facilitating reconciliation around collective grief or upsets, or venting of grievances.

Training in better future relationships can be supported and the adverse impacts of prior less effective management, unhelpful team dynamics or individual pressures, can also be addressed.

Therapeutic support groups and coaching for workplaces impacted by various fractures and trauma can also be provided as can sessions to help people pull together again and find new group purpose and common goals after major challenges or periods of change.

Our workplace and team support services can be delivered through weekly two-hour Zoom sessions, or live workshops. Team groups of between 6 to 20 people are supported, advance bookings are essential. Full day workshops or weekly groups can be held at your workplace or offsite. All groups are led by experienced, trained Wellselves psychologists.

Any staff member who wishes to attend a group for stress management help can also do so privately. Mental Health Care Plan can be obtained from their GP, with a referral letter requesting ‘psychological stress support strategy group’. 

Use the link below to contact us if staff or managers are interested in accesssing any of these services.

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