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First Step: Understanding Your Work Values

The person you want to become in the future, the life you want to lead, and what sort of work you’ll do best, will be influenced by the work values you hold and how they shape the choices you make in the present. Everyone can benefit from taking time to identify their own values about work and it can be an especially helpful process if you find yourself contemplating a change in career or you are faced with new workplace or employment challenges. 

Who we ‘are’ is a fundamental aspect of ‘why’ we work and our work satisfaction depends on more than just how much we earn. Meaningful work can’t come from just pursuing what we want to own, ‘be seen as’ or ‘have’ materially. While making ends meet is important, it pays to become more connected to why we work. Social and media messaging about what we are ‘supposed’ to have and buy might have nothing to do with who we really want to be. It is also very possible to become ‘stuck’ and attached to images of ourselves in prior work which may no longer fit into our present lives or families, relationships or communities.

A career that is built thoughtfully need not just be about what you did in the past or what you do now. It can involve being flexible and excited about learning and becoming much more. New career directions can even become brave bold adventures rather than daunting challenges. We only need to embrace our own limits and push a bit harder into new self discovery. This capacity to change and adapt is itself a valuable skill in modern workplaces, as employers and businesses also tackle the rapid changes and many other challenges facing local, national and global economies and communities. 

Career choices have to be about defining who you are and what matters to your personal identity. Are you suited to leading a group, or do you prefer being one of a productive team? Do you prefer morning work outdoors or late evenings in buildings? Is working from home exactly what you need or would you prefer to hit the road every day? Are you able to relocate to clean up on new opportunities and skill gains, or do you need to remain in the same local market? Do you prefer working with your hands, or are you all about talking to people? Are you comfortable juggling part-time jobs and frequently changing direction, or do you want a more solid path ahead, to ensure more secure options in the future?

At Wellselves, we can assess which work roles and skilling directions seem best for you, and we will commit to coaching and supporting you until you are ready to take your next steps. We can also help you figure out where to go to retrain or help you build new networks. Our professional career support services will help you develop the career skills you need. 

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