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Career Support Services

Retraining and Business Networking Assistance

As your career plan takes shape, your psychologist / coach can also work through any other practical strategies that might be helpful for your specific career aspirations. We can help you explore your options and eligibility for subsidies for up-skilling, training, travel, or even home, work or business relocation assistance; sometimes the grass is actually greener elsewhere. 

As professional career support service providers, we are across the many policies and programs available to individual job-seekers and those with business aspirations. There are often schemes run by local, state and federal governments or commercial entities that might be relevant to your circumstances. 

At Wellselves, we also maintain strong connections across our local communities and may be able to help you to access or build your network connections and business opportunities. Sometimes local ‘business incubation services’ can help co-establish new groups of businesses near each other, sharing common interests and inter-referral capacities. This strategic cooperation frequently occurs in industries like tourism, events management, arts groups, in regional and farming communities and with business associations to demonstrate a few examples.

An organisational psychologist can also offer professional skills to help you map out new programs for your business or workplace, to help you re-structure or re-organise, implement cultural change, strengthen teams or develop more effective leadership strategies.

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