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The Wellselves Foundation

What We're About

Wellselves offers practical, experienced and skilled clinical psychological, community and organisational psychological services, as well as coaching, assessment and referral support for people from across the lifespan.
Our key aims are to promote:
  • Positive psychological resilience
  • Altruism and collaboration
  • Community and family wellbeing
  • Healthy and happy workplaces
  • Productive, fulfilling careers

"Through following these aims, we can rebuild, stronger, kinder, wiser, more innovative and healthy communities"

Claire Weightman
Founder and Executive Director
We are interested in assisting all people to pursue new growth and change, in order to move their lives forward in positive directions.

We believe that improved health, wellbeing and resilience is the right of all humans. Our clients should feel confident that they can succeed in attaining better wellbeing with appropriate treatment and support. We have no interest in following fads, trends, or jargon; we match your assessed treatment, therapy, counselling and coaching assistance needs with suitable providers who are able to offer proven, evidence-based approaches. The diversity and expressed needs of every client are always considered and respected and we work with you to establish treatment goals and strategies that are appropriate for you.

Above all, we are interested in helping all our clients, whether individuals or groups, achieve sustained recovery and ongoing wellbeing, with a sense of meaningful connection to their communities. Our objective is to help you get back to feeling well and adjusted as soon as possible; but of course, we always leave the door open if you need further help again in the future.

Should change and growth prove more challenging, with medical or more serious issues emerging while we work with you, we’ll assist as much as possible to locate services that better suit your needs. We understand that sometimes people feel they need more intensive interventions, or that longer-term group or individual work may suit them best. If we don’t feel we are able to assist you, we will try our best to find people or places that can. 

We are also happy to advise on referrals to appropriate services for the review of previous, outdated or questionable assessments and treatments that may no longer be relevant. We also understand that revisiting previous diagnostic labels or oversights may help improve self-dignity and feelings of personal worth.

We are interested in assisting all people to pursue new growth and change, in order to move their lives forward in positive directions. Our key aim is to promote positive, resilient psychological states, that will be of benefit to ourselves, friends, loved ones, family and community. Drawing on decades of research, reflective practice and up-to-date professional techniques and methodologies, our business is to support you to feel well and happier.

Our Values

We hope in our own way, person by person, group by group, to help encourage a healthier, more respectful, connected community, where there is a valued place for all of us.

We recognise our society comprises many unique individuals and rich cultures, all deserving of our respect.

We do not view ‘personal success’ as based in consumption, competition with and disconnection from each other; instead we give our complete support to the broader, achievable goal of moving toward excellence in all fields of human endeavour.

We embrace restorative and natural justice principles, to properly address past distresses. All our services are arranged and provided with a view to optimising cultural and personal considerations.

We encourage more active daily participation in personal networks and the wider community.

We hold and share values of encouraging human cooperation, creating space for shared experience and consensus.

We value listening deeply and speaking for as little or as long as is needed. We encourage participation and respectful interjection in all discussions held.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in our professional practice, and to assisting and supporting people to find the best outcomes for them.

We comment and advise only where we feel danger or harm is likely. We also recognise we would neglect our responsibility if we did not do so. We will not tolerate emotional or physical violence enacted against anyone. We respect and observe agreed interpersonal safety rules and ethics.

We encourage participation in varied sporting, religious, cultural, artistic, local and international crafts and creative events and activities.

We support physical engagement with the natural world and the earth beneath our feet, and encourage creative expression.

By promoting healthier communities, we support healthier individuals, who contribute in turn to more inclusive, happier communities. 

Through these aims, we envision a future society that is compassionate, culturally rich, respectful and innovative; a nation of tomorrow which values mental wellness and community development, and models practices that other nations can aspire to follow.

Our Rationale


Not so long ago, humans had no access to mirrors, portraits or photographs; all we had to know ourselves well were the positive bonds and social feedback gained from living closely with each other. As human beings, we have evolved to rely on these strong social bonds, and we simply cannot survive in good emotional shape or health without establishing a connection to others.

Accordingly, throughout human history, people have continued to exchange their stories and histories, and provide healing, touch and a supportive presence for one another. More than any medicine which simply treats an emerging symptom, a deep human connection is actually a preventive health factor, of vital importance to maintaining positive personal wellbeing, and has been linked to emotional resilience, lower rates of preventable disease and improved longevity. In places where people have strong feelings of community, they also have better feelings of identity, self-worth and occupational contentment.

Social psychological research has long-proven the importance of community engagement for our wellbeing and productivity. In human societies which emphasise and value engaging in community from a young age, with shared care and responsibility, people have better mental and emotional wellbeing. In “blue zones” in Europe for example, where people reach 100 years in good health at far higher rates, there may well be some fortunate genetics afoot, but other commonly observed aspects of life remain very consistent across these areas. These factors include a slower life pace, lower interpersonal stress and personal psychological trauma, and better access to a wider number of trusted community carers during development.

Community connection, then, is a cornerstone of our wellbeing and a fundamental part of the Wellselves rationale.


Whether in wider society or at the family level, it is also important to feel we have a say in the agreed rules that affect us all. Oppressive or limiting personal relationships, where others are too dominating or too aggressive, can cause us lasting distress and trauma, as they do in any mammal. Both ‘big’ and ‘little’ people need protection and safety in their work and play. The foundations of safety lie with understanding our own needs, learning better communication and listening skills, making space for others, and respecting all people as fellow members of our community.

Stress and Trauma

Our life history did not begin in a singular generation. We acknowledge all relevant links between present feelings of psychological trauma and distress, and past human psycho-social traumatisation. We try to better connect people with personal and family life stories where we can, and help communities move past their ‘normalised’ intergenerational distress.

Our strategies for helping clients overcome patterns of past psychological stress and trauma are informed by the very latest research. We continue to be interested in and informed by adult neuropsychological and neurodevelopmental modelling and research, and investigations into bio-psycho-social stress impacts and healing modalities. For example, this might help inform us about the role of cortisol in influencing over-stimulated neurological pathways in PTSD, depression and adrenal fatigue. Or some of its proposed links to pain syndromes, immuno-supressed and hyper-immunity related illnesses, or various muscular and connective tissue difficulties. Children’s pervasive issues such as ASD or ADHD can also sometimes be better understood by learning more about neuro-developmental pathway formation, the role of mirror neurons in the development of human empathy and the science behind attachment and bonding-related hormonal changes.

Traditional Wisdom

Preserving traditional knowledge and re-connecting with past cultural traditions can be an important part of self-healing for some people. We encourage research into all proven healing methods and the tailoring of treatment choices by the informed client. We also encourage clients to respect the elders in their communities and develop understanding of the traditionally proven methods of healing used in their communities. Traditional herbal, medicinal, physical activation and energetic body movement related therapies can prove powerful adjuncts to psychological therapy or become an important part of ongoing wellbeing practices. We accept, examine and include client choices when offering advice on supportive care and healing modalities, and recognise that clients may choose to combine personal or traditional beliefs and practices with medically-proven methods.

Listening and Learning

We accept and embrace that feedback helps inform our best practice and professional development as practitioners. We aim to inspire a desire for continuous service excellence in colleagues, ourselves and the clients we serve and we are committed to respecting each other and listening closely to each others’ views.

Our Vision

At Wellselves we hope to work with local communities to:
  • Break down walls and lessen the fear and isolation people experience in their lives and neighbourhoods.
  • Promote self-healing and ongoing individual wellbeing
  • Grow understanding of and redefine best practices for building communities.
  • Develop new approaches to help increase acceptance of diversity, and facilitate dialogue.
  • Study social change, societal phenomena, human identity and cultural trends.
  • Contribute new ideas and research findings, and influence policy development.
  • Raise public awareness about what endangers and promotes healthier lifestyle choices.
  • Find and promote innovative keys to more meaningful, healthier lives and longevity.

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