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It can be hard sometimes to find the time, space and skills you need to sit, self-reflect and objectively review how things are going. Finding a compatible, trained counsellor, coach, skilled psychologist or other helper who is the right professional touchstone for you, can be a huge support. They can offer therapeutic healing strategies, advising on, querying and enhancing the choices you make. 

Decades of psychological research have shown receiving objective, concerned and focussed attention has positive impacts on health and wellbeing. Meeting with an individual support person, whether face-to-face or online, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, is often a great help to those who are struggling with challenging circumstances, experiencing change, or searching for a different pathway forward.

Everyone pursuing positive life growth needs to be valued, supported and understood, by someone, somewhere. We all get so busy with families, self care, work and other activities. Living in larger towns and communities with few others we personally know can also get isolating.  Relationships and friendships change over time too, as supportive people come and go from our lives. We meet new people in different places we study, work or live, and with new networks can come new challenges. Once supportive friendships from our youth can change or come and go.

At Wellselves, you will find a supporter who is there to listen, help you skillfully summarise your needs, suggest interventions and encourage new perspectives and ideas. The main aim of individual support is to help you build your skills so you can confidently assess your own choices and plans as your future life path develops, alters and grows.

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