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Individual, relationship and group psychological counselling, therapy and coaching support services.

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About Our Support Services

Wellselves is committed to providing personal wellbeing support services to any individual members of the community who want to improve their mental, emotional, physical and social wellbeing. All our services aim to embrace and support the increasingly beautiful diversity expressed in contemporary individual lives, partnerships, families and workplace relationships.

Career Support Services

Wellselves offers individual, face-to-face, online and off-site workplace-based assessment and support services, to help identify personal career aptitudes and interests, and future career development opportunities.

Relationship Support Services

Wellselves provides face-to-face and online individual counselling support, strategic psychological interventions, psychotherapy and other mental wellness-encouraging therapies. We also offer assessment and referral support for those seeking access to more specialised services.

Individual Support Services

Wellselves assists individuals, couples, partners and work colleagues to achieve better understanding in all kinds of relationships. We focus on enhancing communication skills, restorative acceptance of differences in perceptions of interpersonal experiences, resetting individual and shared goals, improving boundaries and positive trust development strategies. We provide expert help to clients to improve their intimate relationships.

Support Services

We also provide a range of other support services including:
  • Group programs: We design and deliver tailored mental wellness support groups to help individuals re-connect socially and build more meaningfully supportive communities.
  • Parenting support: We collaborate with adult carers who wish to achieve more effective communication and rule setting with their children.
  • Advocacy and research: We are devoted to understanding and reducing trauma and stress in homes, workplaces and communities. We pursue improved social recognition of all emotional and physical harm, whether intentional or unconscious, to the rights and basic needs of those who rely on others for their own wellbeing.
  • Expression and connection: We encourage pursuits and practices which allow our clients to improve and restore their own peace of mind, their connection with nature and their own inherent talents. This includes supporting connections with others and groups with common interests and becoming more present in the wider world.

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