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Additional Support While You Seek Work

You might find you need a little more support to help you set and reach your targets and stay on track emotionally and psychologically. For some people, the supportive partnership provided by a psychologist / coach can be a crucial part of taking your vision and turning it into an achievable plan. In addition to practical skills, like updating and working on a better presented CV or Resume, regular meetings with your psychologist / coach can also help you identify and address other key issues that may be causing problems for you. Are there any psychological blocks impacting your thinking? Are you still stuck following outdated or older ‘success’ paradigms. Where did you learn those and do they still apply? Are there any ways to get to that end career goal more rapidly? What other stops in life do you want to make on the way to your career goals? Do you have other strong talents that you have always put to one side because you haven’t considered them as ‘work’?

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