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Today, having a career is about more than just finding and keeping a job; you need to know how to build and sustain a flexible career path, and develop the skills and expertise to thoughtfully evaluate and adapt your vision of your career, as circumstances change around you.

In a world where technological change seems never-ending, and where national and global economic and social systems are constantly being re-shaped, our workplace roles, communication modes and the nature of our working relationships are also morphing frequently. Even the duties of particular occupations are not as fixed or predictable as they once were.

All of this can be very daunting. Being able to predict future workforce trends and identify your options requires psychological, organisational and business expertise and insight. At Wellselves, our professional career support services, provided by trained organisational psychologists and business coaches, can help you build your skills to navigate current business conditions and employment markets and to identify and realise your personal career aspirations. 

  • First Step: Understanding Your Work Values
  • Career Assessment and Coaching: How it Works
  • Additional Support While You Seek Work
  • Retraining and Business Networking Assistance

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