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Personal Partner Relationship Support

Every intimate relationship is unique, though a few general principles apply universally. Our roles and behaviour in partnerships are not simply based in genetically-evolved differences. Included in what makes relationships work or fray are our communication styles, our capacity to trust and the extent of our investment in a personal relationship, including its duration. We are also influenced by the roles and behaviours modelled by or learned from our parents and previous partners and these imprinted patterns may shape how we offer and receive support to/from a current partner. It can be helpful to take time to examine these patterns to understand how they are influencing our current relationships. Some of our intimate relationships simply follow prior patterns without change. Other times, partners, family caregivers, colleagues, media messages or friends may prompt us to question our prior assumptions and expectations about relationship norms and traditions. Some relationships implode from neglect and emotional decay. Other relationship dynamics can include pushing boundaries or continuing to adhere to established rules and traditions, but feeling trapped. Any of these scenarios can increase our frustrations and confusion and prompt us to seek out support to develop new skills and a better understanding of our relationships. 

Whatever issues you are facing, be they communication difficulties, trust issues, confusion, or blocks in shared goal-setting, our aim at Wellselves is to help you review and renew your relationship. We will work with you to improve and enhance intimacy, increase personal responsibility, restore a better balance of giving and taking, and achieve a feeling of positivity, restored respect and equilibrium in your relationship. With support and commitment, your relationship can deepen and grow in new directions.

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