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The Wellselves Foundation

Claire Weightman


Clinical, Organisational and Community Psychologist
Founder and Executive Director

Claire's Practice, Therapeutic and Research Interests

Claire’s treatment support, counselling and practice ethos emphasises increased prevention and distress symptom remission maintenance. Support for achieving gradual reduction of personal risk factors and symptoms is a key emphasis, with increasing resilience, reducing dissociation, improving personal confidence and more mindful awareness of self in contextual surroundings.

Claire’s practice continues to hold keen interest in evolving treatments for long term trauma, attachment and mood regulation compensatory behaviour and neurodevelopmental impacts of organic and hormonal changes. Dysregulated emotion and stress response development in parents and their relationships to child ADHD and anxiety development and epigenetic change, are other continued research interests.

Personality development, mood and arousal dysregulation, human sexuality and attachment are continuing research interests. Personal dysphorias, dysmorphias and the role of various media in shaping personal group identity remain other areas of ongoing supportive practice, personal reflection and continued study.

So too is work related to the impacts of external and internal neurological empathic sensitivity and differential socially-cued responses in personal relationships, occupational and online interactions, and social experiences.

Other areas of research Claire remains interested in are relationship communication and interpersonal negotiation approaches; attachment style, trust and empathy development; and emotional trauma and neglect impacts in family systems on later relationships and personal workplace experiences. Claire has recently begun co-monitoring developments being pioneered in natural “Mind Medicine” for trauma treatment and its research. Claire aims to undertake further professional development training in 2021, enhancing further practice experience in that field.

Claire is a long-standing and continuing professionally-interested clinical practitioner and supervisor of CBT, ACT, DBT and Schema Therapies, Jungian and Gestalt psychodynamic therapies, group and individual mindfulness practices. Dissociation “self trance” and hypnosis are other area of continued reading interest. Claire originally undertook training with Dr Jeff Zeig from the Milton Erickson Institute in 2005 in clinical hypnosis, also having enjoyed prior training undertaken with Michael Yapko in trance and hypnosis work in several past events and workshops. Motivational interviewing, personal coaching and strengths-based psychology are other continuing applied interests. Claire undertook training workshops with Martin Seligman in areas related to the positive psychology field in 2006.

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